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Custom Products

Quantem Corporation offers solutions.


As you will notice as you browse our web site, Quantem offers a wide variety of products to fullfill your needs. When you contact Quantem to discuss your application, we will work with you to develop the best solution to your specific application. 


Here are some of the solutions available:

  • Standard "Off The Shelf" Controller

  • Standard "Off the Shelf Controller" with minor changes

  • Standard Hardware Platform Programmed to Customer Specifications

  • Modified Standard Hardware with Custom Software

  • Fully Custom Design


Click here to view a small listing of available hardware "platforms".


Quantem Corporation manufactures products here in our New Jersey facility. As such, we are in the business to sell hardware. We do recognize that in order to sell hardware to the OEM, we need to be responsive and economical while providing the customer with a product that will allow them to provide brand recognition and differentiation.


We are ready to provide you with custom software and hardware which will separate you from the pack.

Custom Software


Our software department has thousands of routines already written, tested and ready for incorporation into your custom product. This allows us to quickly and economically provide you with a product that will meet your specific requirement.

Custom Hardware

With hundreds of designs and PCB's available from our library, our hardware department can quickly modify an existing piece of hardware to fit your application.

Assembly Services


Our production department is ready and waiting to build your product here in our New Jersey facility. Proudly, we contine to manufacture here in the USA. We use the latest computerization and ERP systems to maintain control of our inventory. We can stock at the component, sub-assembly, or final assembly to provide you with on time delivery.

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