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Commercial Information

Please review our Terms Of Sale, Warranty Information, and Conflict Mineral Statement using the links below.

Terms Of Sale

Quantem Corporation caters to the Original Equipment Manufacturer. As such, we provide very favorable terms of sale.


We offer annual blankets with quantity discounts, and will allow stock your product in our facility if you have a blanket order with monthly releases on the books.


To download a copy of our Terms Of Sale, please click here.


Quantem Corporation is proud to provide the absolute best possible sales and service. Our products are designed and built to the strictest standards.


But it is also good to know that if something does go wrong, we will stand behind our product. We are pleased to offer a 1 year warranty on our products. 


To download a copy of our warranty policy, please click here.

Conflict Mineral

While Quantem Corporation is not required by law to comply with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, we strive to ensure that our core values of honesty and integrity are upheld. As such, we agree with the Dodd-Frank  Wall Street Reform Act and promote transparency and consumer awareness regarding the use of “Conflict Materials”.  We are pleased to provide you with the following statement:  

Conflict Minerals Statement (pdf) 

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