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Depot Repair



Do you have a broken part?


Our service department will gladly assist you. We offer full service repair on all Quantem products which were sold directly to you or sold through our distribution network. If a product was purchased as part of a OEM product, we will refer you to the OEM.


If you have a product in need of a warranty or non-warranty repair, please call

609-883-9191 extension 103 for assistance.

Depot Repair

Spare Parts

Quantem Corporation typically sells to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

We make every effort to support our OEM customer base. As such, parts currently in production for OEM use are not sold as spare parts to anyone other than the OEM.


However, since we have been in business for over 35 years, many of our parts are out of production.  For these parts, we make every effort to continue to support both our OEM and End User customer base. 


If you would like to inquire about a specific part, please email us the following information:


1. Your contact Information including email address


2. Part number of the part you desire. Typically the Quantem Part Number is listed on a white label attached to the part, or in the case of temperature probes the part number is typically etched on the sheath.


3. The quantity of parts you desire.


Once we have this information, we will make every effort to reply to you in an expedient fashion.


Spare Parts

Our Clients

Quantem Corporation sells to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). We have hundreds of our products and designs in the Food Service  and Process Control market.


One thing that sets Quantem apart from other manufacturer's in the industry is that we do not share or sell our customer specific designs to multiple users. 


We make every effort to protect the intellectual property of our Customers.


Because of this, we will not use our customer base as a marketing tool.

Our Clients
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