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Sample Hardware Platforms

Listed below are a few of our custom products available with standard or custom configurations. While the list is not complete, it does show some interesting products. Please call to discuss your application.

217-10307 Sub panel mount fan speed controller

217-10309 Two Stage Series 69 with PIC timer

217-10313 Three Button Board With LED Enunciators

217-10321 Hall Effect Timer / Counter 

217-10323 Wireless Pager

217-10325 Level Detector

217-10327 Warming Cabinet Controller

217-10332 Motor Controller Board

217-10334 Proofer Temperature and RH Controller

217-10335 External Relay Board

217-10336 Steamer Control Board

217-10337 Level Sensing Board

217-10339 One Loop PID Controller

217-10352 Two Loop Griller Controller With Timer

217-10355 Hi Resolution PRTD Operational Amplifier

217-10356 Remote Encoder Interface Board

217-10358 PRTD OP AMP with constant current source

217-1036x Two Loop Controller With Precision Front End

217-1036x IR Detector

217-1036x Two Loop Controller with Temperature and RH input 

217-10366 Three Loop Sub Panel Mount "150"

217-10367 Temperature and RH Sensor Board

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