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Legacy Products


These legacy products are not recommended for new designs. Quantem Corporation has designed and manufactured products for over 35 years and we continue to service and manufacture these products for our long term loyal customers as long as we can continue to procure the necessary component parts. Thank you for your interest and support. Please call with questions or to request a quotation.


Series 10

Series 10 offers state-of-the-art technology to provide single or dual stage control (two independent outputs). Ultra reliable on/off or time proportioning for heating or cooling applications to drive contactors, solid-state relays or triacs. Two channel heating/cooling to maintain tight process temperatures. Ideal for ovens, mold controllers, environmental chambers. Use one channel for boost heat and the other for maintaining set point, for example in large power drying systems.

These versatile controllers will accept thermistors, RTD's or thermocouples types J and K. Choose temperatures between -100 and +1000 degrees C. In addition, an auxiliary output is provided for add-on temperature indication - analog (0-1 mA DC), digital (12 VDC or 5VDC) and deviation meter (5 VDC).

A low cost effective alternative to DIN packaged controllers, Series 10 comes complete with local or remote set potentiometers and with handsome 2.25in skirted knob and scale calibrated in degrees C and F.



Compact packaging and field replaceable relays make the series 13/14 an attractive addition to any low or medium temperature heating or cooling system. Unit comes with ½in stand-offs for ease of mounting and uses conservatively rated commercial grade components. Select on/off or time proportioning control with either SPDT relay, triac or solid-state relay (SSR) output. 30mA gate drive is also available. Designed for heating and cooling applications and with either local (integral) or remote set potentiometer.

These analog controllers are designed for thermistor sensors. Select a standard temperature range from -90 to +600 degrees F or specify your own range. Series 13/14 is truly a low cost answer in such equipment as vulcanizers, heat sterilizers, hot melt applicators, photo-processors, griddles, steamers, laboratory instruments. Each unit comes with a handsome 2.25in skirted knob and scale calibrated in degrees F and C. Order potentiometer to suit application.


Series 58

Series 58 is designed for reliable control of water temperature and finds application in pools, spas and hot tubs. In addition, a two- zone control feature is offered, which is particularly suitable for boilers and for hot tubs. Through an SPDT relay, series 58 will control a gas valve or electronic ignition and activates when the sensor temperature drops 1 degree F below set point. The standard series 58 includes a controller, sensor and set point potentiometer. For two-zone control, a second potentiometer is supplied, which operates from the single sensor. A precise thermistor assembly is supplied as standard (22 AWG lead wire with PTFE insulation and 3/8in diameter x 0.9in length probe) - safe for direct immersion. All components are fully interchangeable (no matched components).

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